New working coupon codes for fleshlight produtcs! Just select the text and your coupon code will appear in the top left section after the redirect!

Coupon Code: SMODCAST
15% discount
Coupon Code: buildit
10% discount – works only with Build Your Own Fleshlight
Coupon Code: STAMINA
10% discount – works only with Stamina Training Unit
Coupon Code: memorial
15% discount – Purchase through 5/31/10
Coupon Code: trueflesh
$10 discount for Succu Dry Vampire Fleshlight

Everybody loves discounts and fleshlight coupon codes. There are plenty various fleshlight coupon codes in Internet, but many of them are not active anymore and some of them are just a fake. To make this situation clear, I decided to put here all the active fleshlight coupon codes. Now there are only two active coupon codes provided by Fleshlight – for Build Your Own and for Stamina Training unit. I can assure you that all of them works perfectly. To use each coupon code all you need to do is to paste the proper coupon code into a special box inside the order form, after checkout.

fleshlight coupon code byo

BYO is one of the best fleshlight offers. It Allows you to create your personal fleshlight that will fit your personal preferences. To Build Your Own Fleshlight 10% cheaper, use fleshlight coupon codes BUILDIT. Using this codes you can be sure that you will Build Your Own Fleshlight 10% cheaper. If you want to design your customized fleshlight, this offer is created especially for you. Build your custom fleshlight with 10% discount and use coupon code: BUILDIT. If you write it properly, I can assure you – it will work.

fleshlight coupon code stu

Fleshlight STU (Stamina Training Unit) is an sexual training device. Stamina Training Unit is a fleshlight that can dramatically enhance your sexual performance! To purchase STU – sex training device with 10% discount, you can use the fleshlight coupon code: STAMINA . With this coupon code you will be able to buy Stamina Training unit 10% cheaper. This coupon code is still active and for sure it works.

coupon code byo

If you want to Build Your Own Fleshlight cheaper, you can use fleshlight coupon codes. Using such codes you can be 100% sure that you will Build Your Own Fleshlight 10% cheaper. If you want to make your customized fleshlight, this offer is especially for you. To build your personal sex toy 10% discounted, just use coupon code: BUILDIT. You should write it during order.
BYO is the best fleshlight offer. Using it you can create your custom fleshlight that will fit your personal preferences. You will find short instruction how to build your own masturbation toy below:

  • Step 1: Select entry and Color (Lady, Butt, Mouth, Stealth) (Pink/Ice)
  • Step 2: Select Texture (Wonder wave, Speed bump, Super Ribbed,
    Original, Super tight, ultra tight)
  • Step 3: Select a a case color (Black, Silver, Blue or Clear)

That’s it! Now you can move to the shopping cart and enter coupon code: BUILDIT.
After a few days of delivery you will be an owner of your customized fleshlight.

fleshlight byo banner

coupon code for stu

The only way to last longer during hot sex with your lover is… Practice. With regular training you can become a lover that every woman dream about!
Fleshlight STU (Stamina Training Unit) is a complex sexual training device. With STU you will enhance your sexual powers and… last but not least… you become more self confident! It’s pretty sure that such training will make you fantastic lover. So, Stamina Training Unit is an adult toy that is very helpful in enhancing your sexual rating!

STU coupon code:
To buy this most effective sex training device 10% cheaper you can use the coupon code: STAMINA !
Using this code you are able to purchase Stamina Training unit 10% discounted. All you need to do is enter this code inside a special box in ordering form.
Fleshlight STU was designed to make your everyday masturbation very efficient training course! So, the best way to train your sexual abilities is purchasing Fleshlight STU. Use coupon code and do it CHEAPER!

fleshlight stu coupon code

byo fleshlight coupon code

Simply select an orifice, texture, and case color to create your very own Fleshlight® product. Over 224 combinations to choose from! Now you can Build your very own Sex Toy and get 15% off the price!
Just visit and use the coupon code: JULYBYO. Of course on site you can choose all fleshlight parameters that fits your desires.

How to build it?

To design your own sex toy, you will have to answer 3 simply questions… First of all you need to choose entry from four available types – lady, butt, mouth or stealth (stealth it is a simple hole – for anonymous users). Than pick a texture from 7 available on Wonder Wave, Speed Bump, Super Ribbed, Original, Super Tight, Ultra Tight. Every of them ensures different sexual sensation. You should finish BYO process by picking the sleeve color between ice and pink. When you finish you should add your new personal fleshlight to the shopping cart and fill the coupon code box… remember to fill it with JULYBYO code !

byo banner fleshlight